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Please remember to search first!

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WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?
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Welcome to wcif_sims! Please read the rules before you begin :)

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The rules in this community must be followed. Anyone who joins/posts in this community must recognise that there will be very little tolerance for ignoring or breaking the rules.

Having said that, we have a Three-Strike Rule much like the one found at thesims2. If you are found breaking the rules three times, you will be banned from the community. No exceptions.

THE MODS FEEL WE MUST REMIND YOU THAT: This is a "Where can I find ..?" community. We do NOT give game help, suggestions, or post pic spam. All such posts will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning. Please refer to the links list at the bottom of the rules for communities we recommend that would be better suited to those types of posts.


RULE ONE: You must make good use of all available resources before posting with your question. THIS IS MANDATORY. The resources are as follows -

* The Links List on the side of the main community page - These are put here for a reason. Please search the Wiki's Content lists throughly before any inquires are made.

* The Tags - The tagging system in this community is highly organised and kept up to date. Make use of it.

* The Memories - The memories are different from the tags in that they are important posts you should not miss. Posts marked Important Modly Posts contain key information that you must read before posting in this community full stop.

* The Most Recent Posts - This should be the first thing you check when you look at the community, if not the tags. IMPORTANT: If your question has been asked, but not yet answered, mark the post for your personal info and check back frequently! Someone will answer it. PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE POST.

RULE TWO: If you have exhausted our resources and still are not able to answer your question - you may post. Posts should contain pictures of what you are looking for, insofar as it's possible, to help others find it and recognise the object if they are looking themselves.

* HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE, that you may not hotlink. Ever. If you find a picture in someone's Legacy/creator site/etc, upload it to your own server. Photobucket is an excellent service for photos, and uploading is very simple. Alternatively, Livejournal itself has a photo service if you happen to have a Plus or Paid Account. Otherwise, use Photobucket.

* All photos must be 600x450 pixels or below - this is the largest in-game photo size. Anything larger will be asked to be edited or removed.

* Only ONE photo may appear out of an LJ-Cut. If you do not know how to do this go here to learn. Failing to do this will result in a warning.

* Photos are not mandatory, but recommended. You cannot be expected to have a picture of a hack you may be looking for, but for other items - if you have a photograph, please use it.

* Posts for items you aren't sure exist are fine, as long as you specify what you're looking for.

RULE THREE: In all posts, formatting is limited to ...

* Normal type-speak. No unnecessary caps, bolding, underlining, or italicising. No small font or flashy colours or sparkles. If you do this you will be asked to edit your post.

* Normal grammar and punctuation. This is not your cellphone. Use your keyboard properly or your post will be deleted.

* If you are posting a long list of WCIFs, please mark off the ones found when done so. However, simply put (found) next to the question. Do not use strike-outs! It makes it difficult for people later if they review your post with a similar inquiry.

* Never disable commenting or delete any comments. EVER.

* Do Not Friends lock your posts. If you do, you will be asked to change it. The only exception is for posts regarding Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content.

* Tagging has been disabled for everyone bar the mods. They will add all relevant tags on every post, including changing the found/still looking status.

RULE FOUR: You may not antagonise people. If someone posts a WCIF of something you personally find ugly, say nothing. Criticizing people for their tastes will result in a warning.

*You may, however, remind people of the rules, as long as it does not become bullying. Anyone who is found starting/participating in drama will be warned. Drama starts when reminding people becomes attacks against them personally. There is a distinct difference in 'That is rule number two, you should read the rules again!' and 'You're so stupid. That's in the rules.' Remember this.


In addition to WCIF questions, you may also link to content you found especially great for your game.

RULE ONE: There is a format for all Finds posts - using this format is required, and your post will be deleted if not in this format. You can find it here.

* Each post should begin with a picture - largest base game size and lower only, same rule for WCIF applies. No hotlinking - if you choose to use the preview picture from the creator, upload it to your own account, same as for WCIFs.

* If the object is pay, please include two links on your post in the "link" section of the format. The link to the original content, and if applicable, the link to the section on the Booty where it is located. You may, if you so choose, upload the file yourself to your own server - again, no hotlinking (if you upload the file yourself, please use a file-sharing service such as YouSendIt or MediaFire). If it is not up on the Booty, you are not required to upload it, just to link to the content's original download page.

RULE TWO: Finds should not consist of content that is ...

* Already asked for in the WCIF section or on another Finds page.

* A featured item on ModtheSims2. These are not considered "finds" because they are already "found" on another website and in their own section. The Finds in this community should be items that would not otherwise receive notice/press. Think of it more as 'hard to find.'

* An item considered a "find" on another site's daily finds post the same day you wish to report it. In fact, it shouldn't even be the same month. Finds such as those are easily located and have already been "found" somewhere most of us have seen.

* Something you have created. This is not the place to show off your creations, as good or wanted as they may be.


Please follow the rules! We don't want to ban anyone, but sometimes needs must. Don't be one of those times!

If you have any questions that are related to the community but are not answered by the rules/in a post, please feel free to contact the mods. We are:

* inkspottedtea
Want to be friends? Ping a mod!

The Mod Community is: wcif_sims_mods.

Communities We Are Affiliated With:
For general Sims 2 information/help, visit thesims2!
To share your sims, visit pixel_trade!
For Sims 3 picspam and information, visit simsthree!

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