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Looking for items


not sure anyone is still using this place... doesn't quite look like it but I'm taking a chance anyway.

I'm looking for items used on Lesyasun's Tumblr account and I'm not sure where to go to find them. She hasn't been active for about a year so asking her is basically out of the question and my searches haven't given good results.

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Please help me if you can!! Thanks!!

Male Vulcan Hair by Nix (nixedsims)

I've looked on their site (I can't message them on Tumblr as they do not follow me), I've asked around, I've looked in my old downloads and I don't have this male Vulcan hair anymore. I have the female version, but I really would love the male version of this hair for TS2. Does anyone know where I can find it?
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WCIF These realistic animations (probably Akihiro's)?

Halo Halo, this is my first time in in this site yet thanks to the useful tutorials I got in this section easily, thanks for that

But let's get to the point. A friend of mine was watching a video, a sims 2 movie specifically. He then asked me about these animations,

the 0:16 struggling to open the door one, the 0:40 throwing axe, this staying in the wall and 1:08 throwing off the balcony.

I had no idea what to say, I'm more into Sims 3 so I know very little of sims 2, yet I got interested because those animations look so well done it's not even funny. I wonder if someone knows the name or where I could find them, tho I told him I doubt they would exist by now due to the typical down sites and those awful issues.

I hope someone can help us, thanks for your time.
ryu, ava

WCIF Yu-Gi-Oh! sims?

I recently started rewatching the original YGO Duel Monsters series again and would love to play around with some of the characters, but it appears my nostalgia genes kicking in are few years too late for that kind of amusement.
LJ user defray had a wonderfully large collection up, even of some of the rather unpopular characters I liked a lot, but all the links were on Megaupload and their last posts seem to have been in 2011. negativedanna had some really really lovely ones up, but they took them down themselves years ago and also seem to be inactive for about five years already. If I wanted to post pictures I'd have to use theirs, but since they took their downloads down because of someone using their characters and imagery, I'm reluctant about doing so.
The only uploads left are some rather 2006-ish ones on MTS, of which only the Bakura character seems to be still of some use (alas I have no recoloring or meshing skills whatsoever).
Does someone know a place where I could be lucky or at least find some useful parts? Thank you for any help in advance!

{FOUND} WCIF ... the TS3 -> TS2 converted chicken coop

Hello everyone, hope you're having a nice day wherever you are.

Standard caveat: yes, I check the community tags, searched over at MTS and the creator's lj.

So this should be fairly simple for everyone.

This is the post I'm referring to, {over at the TS3 to TS2 LJ Comm} specifically the chicken coop. Pictured here Look at those yellow chicks!

I know the creator is LunaSimsLulamai/wildchild111 (@ LJ) and its an old upload and they seem to have had a little file kerblooey in the meantime.

Does anyone know of a working link?

Thanks a bunch!