Ha Ha Hammyx! (hasyx) wrote in wcif_sims,
Ha Ha Hammyx!

WCIF These realistic animations (probably Akihiro's)?

Halo Halo, this is my first time in in this site yet thanks to the useful tutorials I got in this section easily, thanks for that

But let's get to the point. A friend of mine was watching a video, a sims 2 movie specifically. He then asked me about these animations,

the 0:16 struggling to open the door one, the 0:40 throwing axe, this staying in the wall and 1:08 throwing off the balcony.

I had no idea what to say, I'm more into Sims 3 so I know very little of sims 2, yet I got interested because those animations look so well done it's not even funny. I wonder if someone knows the name or where I could find them, tho I told him I doubt they would exist by now due to the typical down sites and those awful issues.

I hope someone can help us, thanks for your time.
Tags: -- where are they now?, objects: hobbies, objects: poseboxes, website
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