yandell (yandell) wrote in wcif_sims,

WCIF Yu-Gi-Oh! sims?

I recently started rewatching the original YGO Duel Monsters series again and would love to play around with some of the characters, but it appears my nostalgia genes kicking in are few years too late for that kind of amusement.
LJ user defray had a wonderfully large collection up, even of some of the rather unpopular characters I liked a lot, but all the links were on Megaupload and their last posts seem to have been in 2011. negativedanna had some really really lovely ones up, but they took them down themselves years ago and also seem to be inactive for about five years already. If I wanted to post pictures I'd have to use theirs, but since they took their downloads down because of someone using their characters and imagery, I'm reluctant about doing so.
The only uploads left are some rather 2006-ish ones on MTS, of which only the Bakura character seems to be still of some use (alas I have no recoloring or meshing skills whatsoever).
Does someone know a place where I could be lucky or at least find some useful parts? Thank you for any help in advance!
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