And that has made all the difference. (magdalyna) wrote in wcif_sims,
And that has made all the difference.

{FOUND} WCIF ... the TS3 -> TS2 converted chicken coop

Hello everyone, hope you're having a nice day wherever you are.

Standard caveat: yes, I check the community tags, searched over at MTS and the creator's lj.

So this should be fairly simple for everyone.

This is the post I'm referring to, {over at the TS3 to TS2 LJ Comm} specifically the chicken coop. Pictured here Look at those yellow chicks!

I know the creator is LunaSimsLulamai/wildchild111 (@ LJ) and its an old upload and they seem to have had a little file kerblooey in the meantime.

Does anyone know of a working link?

Thanks a bunch!
Tags: animals, theme: farming
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