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WCIF Male Hair

So I am constantly seeing this hair, everywhere but I can never figure out where it came from. I've downloaded hairs that are similar to this but not quite exactly what I wanted.

This is what I'm looking for:

Hair that I oh so desperately want

If anyone could help me find this and recolors I would be eternally grateful to you, because this is just killing me right now...


WCIF: Spiderweb [Found]

Hi there! Can anyone tell where can I find this spiderweb?

Thank you very much in advance!

Retexture of Peggy female mesh 03888?

I know this hair has been retextured, using what looks like Pooklet's textures, but Google didn't turn up anything.

The hair looks like this:Collapse )

WCIF these eyes!

hello everyone! I looked through the tabs, but I cannot find these eyes anywhere

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-1010-14-24-40_zps014a520c.jpg

or, can anyone tell me of a way to find what they are named inside my game. I have these eyes, it just doesn't tell me what they are named when I hover.


WCIF These items....

I found these altar things on MTS 2 a few years ago and I managed to keep them until I took off the SP M&G and it wiped out all of my custom content. I searched everywhere on the MST2 site and found out they had a server crash that eliminated a lot of the old objects on there. There we five different types, and all had custom animations for the Sims when they interacted with them.Read more...Collapse )
Hi there!

Hopefully someone could help me out with a few WCIFs:

1. The matching walls and floors in this kitchen:

One more under the cut!!!Collapse )

Maxis Carnival (Found)

Where I can find this set carnival of EA Germany?

WCIF a working link for this hair?

I've been looking everywhere for miki's edit of MYOS hair 11. The GOS link is dead and so far my Google-fu has turned up nothing. If anyone has the files and is willing to share, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

photo by miki

Decorative or Edible Cakes?

Hi, I'm looking for the cute cakes on the bottom right. With the strawberries on top. I mostly want them for pictures so I don't care if they're decorative or not, but I haven't been able to find them. Searching through google has given me some other good options, but I've been looking for these for a bit. Also would appreciate if you listed any other cakes(decorative or not) that look like these. Thanks!

Found(deco)/Found(animated)! Thanks!
Cake examples under the cut!Collapse )


WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?


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