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WCIF recolors of this Helga hair?

I've downloaded this sim (Cordelia Darwin, from stakeit_uk's Darwin Legacy) and detemined from Clean Installer that her hair is a DL Mulsow recolor of the Helga 63 hair. I have the original mesh and textures from Helga thanks to the Graveyard, but I'd really like to find either more of the DL Mulsow recolors of this hair besides the one that came with Cordelia (I've had no luck in finding them at any site where I've managed to find other DL Mulsow stuff posted) or just other recolors of it in general (in Pooklet's colors would be amazing). Anybody know of any? Thanks!

Elder Clothing

I'm looking for more bada$$ elder clothing, particularly for men, but any gender really. Clothing that's for adverturers, gardeners , artists, train hobbyists, long time burning man attendees, fishermen-- clothing with character beyond "generic grandpa", but isn't so much just youth style for an elder. I can't believe this is so hard. I just can't figure out where to look. :?

Shirt as accessory?

Hey guys...I am desperately looking for plain white undershirts as accessories for my males, So many outfits for male sims are very low cut and I like for my guys to be more on the modest side. Thank you! <3

Examples of what i am looking for:


WCIF Colored Clothes

Sorry to a pest, but I'm in the middle of an awesimsauce challenge legacy, and im on generation orange, and I have virtually no orange clothes, does anyone know where I can download some colored clothes...any help is appreciated. all ages please

WCIF Dining chairs

Hey there! Does anyone know where I can find these chairs? They were in my downloads folder ages ago, but have since been lost. Thank you! (Picture is my own.)


EDIT: Found! Thank you, Jessy. They can be found here under SD_tableset.


Neko-sims' Sherlock Sims

I'm looking for Neko-sims' fantastic Sherlock sims.I tried looking on the wayback machine, but with no luck. All of them would be ideal but I'm really after John, Molly, Jim & Mary. Sherlock is not really needed as there is one on MTS that I can get. If anyone can help me find them, I would be very grateful.

WCIF Male Hair

So I am constantly seeing this hair, everywhere but I can never figure out where it came from. I've downloaded hairs that are similar to this but not quite exactly what I wanted.

This is what I'm looking for:

Hair that I oh so desperately want

If anyone could help me find this and recolors I would be eternally grateful to you, because this is just killing me right now...


WCIF: Spiderweb [Found]

Hi there! Can anyone tell where can I find this spiderweb?

Thank you very much in advance!


WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?


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