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WCIF a working link for this hair?

I've been looking everywhere for miki's edit of MYOS hair 11. The GOS link is dead and so far my Google-fu has turned up nothing. If anyone has the files and is willing to share, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

photo by miki

Decorative or Edible Cakes?

Hi, I'm looking for the cute cakes on the bottom right. With the strawberries on top. I mostly want them for pictures so I don't care if they're decorative or not, but I haven't been able to find them. Searching through google has given me some other good options, but I've been looking for these for a bit. Also would appreciate if you listed any other cakes(decorative or not) that look like these. Thanks!

Found(deco)/Found(animated)! Thanks!
Cake examples under the cut!Collapse )

Mortimer Goth Suit

Hello guys, I wonder if any of you know where I find that suit the image below:

Thanks in advance!

WCIF- Torn sweater & tank

Hey guys.  I had this shirt on my old computer and thought I had redownloaded it since then (but apparently I was wrong) and now I can't seem to find them again. The shirt I'm using as an example is a lovely shirt by Yuichen, but I'm looking for the version with the torn sweater. Pretty sure it's the same mesh. If someone could point my lost little self to these babies, I would be most grateful :). Thanks in advance!

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WCIF MM skintones?

First skintone I'm looking for is this:


And the second is this:


Thanks in advance!


I recently lost my Sims data and Im looking for a modded object that allows me to change Sims appearances, clothing, aspirations, relationships, wants options, and a bunch of other stuff. It looks like a base game potted tree. If any of you could help me find this, I would be very grateful. It is one of my essential downloads.


wcif aelia's shirts & jeans in a bruno pic

hi all. just a couple of things i'm trying to find.
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i hope i did this right! thanks in advance for any assistance.
I'm trying to find a mod I once had that recategorized the fancy toddler clothes that came with Celebration Stuff from casual to formal wear. I think it might've done the same for the Nightlife tuxedos too but don't quote me on that. If anybody could help me out with a link or point me in the direction of a similar mod, I'd be pretty dang grateful. Thanks!

Ended up finding what I was looking for:

WCIF makeovers for premade lots and Sims?

Hi everyone!

Do you know of any tumblrs, LJs, DW or other sites where I would find fantastic makeovers for premade sims or lots?

I play the Sims 2 only. I know of Beatdoc and Anna. Who else do you know of?

Thank you so much

Edit: Thank you everybody! Yes, it's definitely lovely simmies to download and have in the game :D


WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?


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