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I recently lost my Sims data and Im looking for a modded object that allows me to change Sims appearances, clothing, aspirations, relationships, wants options, and a bunch of other stuff. It looks like a base game potted tree. If any of you could help me find this, I would be very grateful. It is one of my essential downloads.


wcif aelia's shirts & jeans in a bruno pic

hi all. just a couple of things i'm trying to find.
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i hope i did this right! thanks in advance for any assistance.
I'm trying to find a mod I once had that recategorized the fancy toddler clothes that came with Celebration Stuff from casual to formal wear. I think it might've done the same for the Nightlife tuxedos too but don't quote me on that. If anybody could help me out with a link or point me in the direction of a similar mod, I'd be pretty dang grateful. Thanks!

Ended up finding what I was looking for:

WCIF makeovers for premade lots and Sims?

Hi everyone!

Do you know of any tumblrs, LJs, DW or other sites where I would find fantastic makeovers for premade sims or lots?

I play the Sims 2 only. I know of Beatdoc and Anna. Who else do you know of?

Thank you so much

Edit: Thank you everybody! Yes, it's definitely lovely simmies to download and have in the game :D

I have searched everywhere for two sims 2 animation boxes that i have lost when my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall the game and redownload everything

now, i could find every animation and pose box out there except these 2
I don't have a picture of them but i can describe the image on the box, the animations themselves, and what i seem to remember of the creator's name

I have tried everywhere to the point that I don't even know if they're real anymore so please take the time to read this:

-What the boxes look like:
One is black and the other is white but both have a face of an actual person who i presumed is the face of the creator himself, he had emo-ish, scene-ish black hair and it was an upclose to his face picture, he had bangs.

-What the boxes had:
Hacks like: touch cheek, raise arm, turn around right animation, turn around right pose, turn around left animation, turn around left pose, lean on fence, lock the door, etc...

-The creator's name
I am not entirely sure about this but i remember the creator's username is something like XXXDarkAngelXXX or something like that... And i think his name was Alex(?) But i'm not entirely sure so i'm hoping the previous details was enough for someone to recognize which boxes i'm talking about

Thankyou in advance for everyone who has taken the time to read this whether they have the boxes/know where they are or not

*smiles* <3

Wcif this hair?

image belongs to dark_moon689
I want things for all Mer and Beast races.
The humans I can work with independently.

I do not want replacements, and I have ALL of the EPs / Stuff packs!

Here are face swatches of each race so you all can help me find what I'm looking for;
High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, and Orcs
Khajiit and Argonian

I still need: Khajiit face templates, and ears, and Argonian face templates, and horns.

Everything I needed for the Elves was found already, as were the Orc tusks and Argonian & Khajiit skins.

As for the androgynous clothing, I need clothes that are boobless.
I am NOT looking for MTF conversion clothes, I'd prefer they were a feminine style.

I have whatever you find on GoS, I assure you. But I need MORE. (Don't we all? At least in general.)

WCIF Shorts and Tops

I'm glad I obsessivly took pictures of my custom townies before I cleaned out my downloads. I somehow got rid of some clothes I really liked and I can't seem to find them now. I'm looking for these high waisted shorts found in both pictures, as well as the crop tops found on the pink haired lady, and the shirt that the blue lady is wearing. Thanks!

Hi! I recently reinstalled The Sims 2 (the entire Ultimate Edition ordeal, feeling very happy about this too) and I've gone insane with downloading, and I remember really being in love with the cheap kitchen set in the game. Has anyone created any recolors for it? Preferably in pooklet colors if anything? I've gone rampant searching for some, but to no avail. I thank you all in advance.


WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?


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