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I want things for all Mer and Beast races.
The humans I can work with independently.

I do not want replacements, and I have ALL of the EPs / Stuff packs!

Here are face swatches of each race so you all can help me find what I'm looking for;
High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, and Orcs
Khajiit and Argonian

I need: High, Wood, and Dark elf skintones, and matching ears, and face templates.
Khajiit face templates, fur, hair, and ears. Argonian face templates, scales, and horns... and Orc tusks.

WCIF Shorts and Tops

I'm glad I obsessivly took pictures of my custom townies before I cleaned out my downloads. I somehow got rid of some clothes I really liked and I can't seem to find them now. I'm looking for these high waisted shorts found in both pictures, as well as the crop tops found on the pink haired lady, and the shirt that the blue lady is wearing. Thanks!

Hi! I recently reinstalled The Sims 2 (the entire Ultimate Edition ordeal, feeling very happy about this too) and I've gone insane with downloading, and I remember really being in love with the cheap kitchen set in the game. Has anyone created any recolors for it? Preferably in pooklet colors if anything? I've gone rampant searching for some, but to no avail. I thank you all in advance.

Walls and clutter

This is all Sims 2. I've been searching and googling for all this to no avail.

These horseshoes
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FOUND it myself finally:

MM maternity jeans etc...

could you guys recommend some good MM maternity jeans/pants. i tend to shy away from default replacements, but if it's a maxis edit where they included a pregnancy morph that would be fine. tops would be great as well. i have maternity friendly outfits, but i just want something a little different. thanks in advance!

Base Board & Crown molding Stickers(?)?

Hello, I'm looking for a base board and crown molding that is on a mesh similar to Aikea Guinea's wall writing mesh being that they can go over normal wallpaper.

I have all of iCad's stucco walls, and love them, but would like to spice them up a bit in certain houses. I'm not even entirely sure that this exists. I've been searching (here, GoS, SimsCave, google) and the closest I have came to was finding overlays for the exterior of the house.

Thank you in advance!

WCIF windows - Sims 2

Hey guys,

I'm looking for windows similar to these to add to my downloads folder and I'm not sure where to look for them. I've already gone through MTS and TSR. I went through the list of sites of the content used for this lot but I'm wondering if there are any more.

The diagonal windows.


WCIF or Help?

Hello! I'm either looking for a tumblr/livejournal that used to have a bunch of MM hair retextures, I had it saved on my old laptop but now I can't find it, or maybe some help? It seems like a majority of my hairs are messing up and clipping and I don't know if I just never noticed it or if it just started happening recently. I added a pic below. clippedhairs


WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?


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