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Sims 2 Chef outfit for teens

I'm recoloring the brown chef outfit for something I'm working on for my Sims I have the adult ones recolored and fakepeeps7's kids ones recolored but I also need one for teens. Does anyone know where I can find a teen version of this brown chef outfit? I believe the outfit is from the culinary career since I have Lord Darcy's mod (add career outfits to wardrobe). I tried searching for it myself but sims 3 only comes up (even though I searched for Sims 2).

Sims 2 Code Sporty Kids Desk Mesh

I've had this set in my downloads forever, but never could figure out the desk problem (it never showed). After finally searching and searching I found out that all of the uploaded files for this set include the WRONG mesh for the desk.

Sims2Code is gone, Black Pearl Sims (where the right link was put up) is also gone.

The link to the files in the graveyard are the wrong mesh.

Does anyone know where I can find the RIGHT mesh to the desk, or does anyone have it?

Thank you!

please wcif psd

Nilou had some very beautiful psds here on LJ but the links have been broken and Nilou doesn't have the psds to reupload so I was wondering if anyone still had the Moonlight Falls psd?

The Compressorizer

It looks like the forum it was posted on doesn't exist anymore, so I was wondering if there was an alternative place to get it.
What I'm looking for is somthing that I can make all sims on the lot change clothes when I want them to, particlarly to change in everyday clothes in the morning, so they're not in their PJs all day. when you have a lot of sims on a lot it gets annoying directing them all to use a dresser. being to change to ther catagories would be great though!
I've looked on MTS, MATY, Simlogical and done various google searches, but can't find what I need.

Oct. 29th, 2015

Where can I find the files, or that camera?

Retro – instant camera – billyjean (Old BPS site)

wcif a few of the items in this pic?

I'm looking for the jack-o-lanterns, the witch hat, and the werewolf tombstone/sign thing in this pic:

Big drumkit

Hello! I am searching for this drumkit for a friend.

The picture owner is here. My friend mentioned they haven't been active in a long time. Nonetheless, they sent the user a message but didn't receive a reply in a reasonable time frame. Any help is very much appreciated.

Peggy male hair (Mh100130) - Found

I've looked through Peggy's section on the booty twice but I haven't been able to find this hair since her site went down. If there are any maxis-match textures available I'd be interested in those too.

Thanks in advance!


WCIF ... stuff for The Sims?


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